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that he couldn't find a single publisher in the united states to pick out his book. there was not anyone who would touch it. i think people get the impression that as long as books like if i did it by o.j. simpson can get published, anything can get published and it is not the case so tonight we are here to celebrate something very very fortunate that books like this can be published. the power of governments cannot suppress can be published by amazing press is like city lights and me can hear the voice directly of some of the greatest statesmen living in the united states today, some of the greatest intellectuals and i am proud to introduce one of them now. please welcome howard zinn. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you alex. and thank you however you are who applauded. [laughter] if you did not applaud, thanks anyway. alex is from back pages books, right here on monday street, and they are responsible for this and i want to thank them. i hope it doesn't mind my saying this, but they are a struggling little bookstore and they need support like all struggling little bookstores,
of the united states. this same strategy of dividing the opposition has actually worked before to win counterinsurgency campaigns. there have been very few counterinsurgency campaigns that have been successful in the 20th century, but the defeat of the philippine rebels after the spanish-american war at the turn of the last century, the u.s. backed greek governments defeat of the guerrillas in 1947, and the british defeated the chinese insurgency in the 1950s, all of those have the same thing in common, that they split the opposition. however, in iraq the ethnosectarian fishers are still great. and i don't think the show is over yet. in my book, "partitioning for peace," which is on, what to do about iraq, i go through so the other ethnocentric conflict in world history and find a violent sometimes as the usually always returns unless the underlying issues have been resolved, which they have in iraq. they don't have an oil law which is their bread and butter commodity so you can see the level of disagreement in society. and of course, they have struggled even to get a date for the ele
where china is growing 9% a year and the united states remains, you know, slowly crawling out of a recession. there is a sense that we are saddled with debt and they are booming. are we witnessing some kind of power transition? >> you know, i think phrasing it in terms of a power transition, fareed, makes what's always a mistake in the economic area, which is to think in terms of zero sum games. we are witnessing an incredible and profound change in china and india and in many other emerging countries. we're seeing living standards grow for more people, more quickly than in any point in u.s., in global history. that is a hugely positive thing and it is a very fundamental thing. but that success is not, if we pursue the right policies, a threat to the united states. it is an enormous opportunity. it is more potential for us to grow our capacity to export than there ever has been before. that's why the president set a goal of doubling our exports over the next five years in the state of the union in creating 2 million jobs in the process. it is more potential for the united stat
the mood here -- enormous am of enemies. you see a -- the united states remains slowly crawling out a recession. there is a sense we are saddled with debt. are we witnessing some kind of power transition? >> you know, i think phrasing it in terms of a power transition, fareed, makes what's always a mistake in the economic area. which is to think in terms of zero subgames. we are witnessing an incredible and profound change in china and india and in many other emerging countries. we are seeing living standards grow from more people, more quickly, than at any point in global history. that is a hugely positive thing and it is a very fundamental thing. but that success is not if we pursue the right policies a threat to the united states. it is an enormous opportunity, it is more potential for us to grow our capacity, export than there ever has been before. that's why the president set a goal of doubling our exports over the next five years in the state of the union it created 2 million jobs. and in the process. it is more potential for the united states to benefit from lower priced prod
because i feel that's the people of the united states at that moment when george bush got up before the microphone and said we must go to war than 11 took place, a terrorist act took place, and therefore we must go to work against afghanistan, while one if people are listening move history they would not immediately rushed as most americans did at that point. 80 percent of americans rushed to say yes. progress, of course, rush to say yes because that's the job of congress to say yes. whenever the president wants to go to war. and if people do some history there would not be that rush to support a work, there would not be bad acceptance of the idea we are going to war to fight terrorism. there would not be an acceptance of the idea we're going to war to bring democracy. >> , bring democracy to the whole middle east. because the people if they use of history they would know of the instances in the american past when presidents have come before the public and said, as president pulled did in 1846, with back to go into mexico to spread civilization for the mexicans were as mckinley did
that united states wanted out of vietnam and would not mind if they've lost on the battlefield and would not mind if a vietnam went communist. this is a point* where we have 550,000 troops in the country and be a no. i can assure you none of those 530,000 that the commander in chief said it is okay if we lose the war the reason why it nixon thought it would be 0k which she thought he had already lost was two achieve more detente with the soviet union and felt that was the overriding goal the superpowers must find a way to exist as peacefully court with other configuration but this was on par with the belief in that expressed in articles and foreign affairs in 1967 with speeches to the republican conventions and the movers and shakers clubs and just prior to that, it is not possible to isolate 1 billion chinese and have a say in a world in the future. it is very difficult for us to say he was wrong about that. i think he was quite effectively correct but the problem was he also felt that the same time you could not have an open at three and discussion of these issues and expect to come ou
some resistance, particularly, unfortunately, in the united states because for the united states to participate they would need congressional approval. i'm actually quite optimistic that this may happen and if did it happen it would make a serious effort. >> it's a serious idea. >> 100 billion there, 100 billion here, these days we only talk in trillions. >> i know that you also talking about a billion dollars of your own money when you look at investing in clean technology. >> yes. >> green technology. >> yes. >> tell me where the opportunities are in that? >> we have time to focus on -- to be on the cutting-edge of technology, to move it forward, so taking carbon out of coal. that's a stumbling block that needs to be overcome. it's a technology that needs to be developed. we have a small investment there. and solar energy. >> how do you see things now in terms of the environment, globally speaking and in the u.s. right now? where are we in the cycle >> in a difficult spot because i think the collapse of the depression was prevented. the economy has begun to move forward, but it
-free imports into the united states. this is huge and it has begun to turn around before the earthquake struck. >> this is a beautiful place. you know, just driving around, obviously, the other part of the island is the dominican republican, which is a place that focuses on tourism quite a bit. why has haiti found itself in this position? >> a lot of it has been leadership. it is true that in the dominican republican they had military leadership for a long time, but they spent 30 years after that standing up governors, standing up the economy, standing up infrastructure. so today they have a really thriving economy. plus, a thriving tourist industry compared to this one, which is that in niscule. the poverty has caused them to dilute the land. they have cut down the forest. why? they cook with charcoal. why is that? they have not been taught to cook with something else. i was told by a care official here that they have a pilot program of how to cook with kerosene. in the dominican republican, people cook with kerosene and not char local. they don't cut down the forest for basic cooking. they w
's interesting. the bank of the united states is in some ways not the federal reserve. they don't have a currency but they're more powerful than the federal reserve today. it was a private in part privately owned stock was quite valuable. basically they controlled the money supply because they lend money to the state banks which were issued a lot of currency and the interesting thing is the bank of the united states was hiring senators, congressmen, senators to be there to represent and give speeches on their behalf. >> host: heaven forbid. >> guest: it is actually sitting members of congress it is the power of the bank had although i think a lot of economists think the bank did a good job because of its chairman nicholas biddle, the fellow from philadelphia who did a very good job but jackson hated elite is and what he saw as the corruption of the bank. >> host: and then congress passed a small probing and feed it -- vetoed it. >> guest: it's very interesting. until jackson, president hadn't vetoed many bills but they thought he could only use it for on a constitutional laws of the president of
aadopt tees finding their way to loving parents and new homes in the united states. storying of survival. an american pulled from the rubble days after the quake. how did he survive? plus musical superstars mary j. blige and andrea bocelli and what they are doing to help haiti's victims. it is all next on "larry king live. >> larry: thanks for joining us. it has been more than two weeks since the devastating earthquake in haiti. some are not getting beasks, a roof over their heads, medical assistance for the almost 200,000 injured still heart to come by. joining us dr. sanjay gupta, cnn chief medical correspondent and a practices neurosurgeon. what is the latest on the medical situation, sanjay? in the early days you painted a desperate scene. what is it like now? >> i think in many ways it has gotten better. a couple of things have improved. surgerying on the grount. in this tent, people who have had amputations, in tents like this hospital. still short of doctors and nurses. it is a lot better than it was a few days ago and even better a few days from now. >> larry: heather mills is an
. the president of the united states with in question and answer forum. the president suggests maybe there is another way instead of sweeping legislation. >> my hope would be that we can look at some of the these component parts of what we are doing and maybe break some of them up on different policy issues. >> is that a signal on health care? would the president like speaker pelosi to pass the senate bill, or does the president think, let's test the republicens, if they said they would work with us, let's break up health care? >> i don't think that we know the answer on the process of this, but we do know that the american people wanted to see that process take place. i think what you saw yesterday or friday, the give and take in the open, where people can evaluate the questions and the answers that each side is giving. i think that, you know, the president talked about the recovery act. the recovery act is comprised of $300 billion in tax cuts. tax cuts that almost -- in almost every single instance, republicans in congress are for or would have voted for if it were not proposed by
. >> regarding the trafficking problem, the united states is saying that along with units there the red cross and other organizations, they're putting procedures in place to try to crack down on that and make sure it doesn't happen. and also regarding the furious adoptions, they're also saying we're going to have to monitor that very carefully and take that very slowly so that only legal adoptions take place. regarding the education, you heard prime minister say that would open again this monday where it's possible. i found out more about haiti's system, which is in total collapse right here in port-au-prince. >> reporter: joseph has come to buy flowers. he needs them for his cousin's funeral wreath. the earthquake crushed the house, he says. and my cousin was under the rubble. joseph tells us that 19-year-old jerah was a college student studying economics. he was part of haiti's future, which is now practically flattened beneath buildings like these. half the country's schools, colleges, and the main universities have been destroyed or badly damaged. >> many, many training and university sch
on trial in the united states in civilian court. >> the come from behind winner in the race for ted kennedy's senate seat, scott brown guarantees when he gets to wash, there will be less back-room deal making. >> what it means is that now there will be full and fair debate and there will be no more behind-closed-doors meetings. i'm a fiscal conservative. when it comes to issues affecting pocketbooks and wallets, i'll be with republicans when they're pushing those initiatives. >>> a new face in the state of the union anchor chair. >> we're not here for our own internal inside-the-beltway conversation. it's supposed to be relevant. you're right. it's not just an honor. it's a heavy responsibility. people have minimal amounts of time. you and i know that. and so to get them to devote an hour, we hope we can by saying here is why we care, here is where this is headed, here is how it relates to your life. >> congratulations to candy crowley. this is the last time i get to say this, as you can see, we've been watching all the sunday shows so maybe you don't have to. joining me in washington where
task is to try to get a global perspective to the legislative agenda and the united states. this is only panel specifically focused on legislative agenda in any one country, so all the talk about change, it is changing. there is still something important about what happens to the united states and congress. when i lived in europe, europeans always used to ask, when do i get to vote in an american in elections? i used to say, that is fine with me. there are a number who might have a word or two to say about that. i do not imagine that will happen anytime soon, but did these you can vote on this panel. the framers would they invented the u.s. government envisioned the united states congress as the first branch of government, the places where all the issues and pressures and the man decided to come together and be resolved. that did not always work as efficiently as they wanted it to work, but it probably work the way they -- it worked as a crossroads to the political system. i do not know about you on this? and how you feel about your jobs, but when i covered this, and was on
to the united states. during this disaster, the world has shown an overwhelming amount of caring and compassion, and we saw that in action tonight as 22 marylanders volunteered to bring help to a country that desperately needs it. they are packed, ready to go, and going to haiti tonight. a 22-member medical team from shock trauma. governor martin o'malley was there to say goodbye. >> i wanted to thank all the people here from the university of maryland for representing all of us and trying to provide some relief to people who are suffering and hurting after the earthquake. >> field hospitals are overflowing and have long waiting lists. many haitians could die unless the u.s. military resumes airless to the united states. >> it is difficult to release these people with no food and no house. it is challenging. >> residents are turning to a black market for badly needed medical supplies, which is why these maryland doctors and nurses are bringing 8,000 pounds of equipment, medications, and supplies to the capital city. they will work round-the-clock shifts, performing up to 200 surgery's a week, l
to protect unitedstates -- ad reading of the government's ability to protect the united states from weapons of mass destruction. çtomorrow on "washington journal", a discussion about how in decoders' -- independent voters affect the 2010 election. afterç that, a look at childhod obesity in the u.s. and the first lady's a national campaignç with arkansas'q surgn john. "washington journal", live at 7:00 p.m. eastern, here on c- span. in the nation's capital and across the country, and listen to c-span radio. in washington and at 90.1. it is a free app. president obama's first state of the union address. he talks about the economy, health care and national security and his agenda for the year. this is about an hour and 20 minutes. >> the president of the united states. [applause] w3i] [applause] ç [cheering] >> thank you. thank you. çthank you. [gavel] >> members of congress, i have çthe armor to present to you te president of the united states. -- the honor to present to you of the president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you ver
to respond to the growing threat that al qaeda posed to the united states and apparently failed to target sufficient resources at this threat. the intelligence reform act provides ample authority to insure the maximum availability to intelligence information to intelligence information -- intelligence regarding the threat posed by a majorç hasan remained stovepiped. t(we saw filly to connect the dots, the streamsçó of intelligence reporting, with regard to the christmas day and attempted attack. i]the law directs the dni to directed the informationç intelligence systems. here again, the intelligence that may have allowed this to identified abdulmutallab as a terrorist remained undiscovered in multiple databases. disseminated, those doubts were out there -- those dots were out there. but they were not connected. the law provides the secretary of state with clear authority to revoke of the sub at any time in her discretion. yet, abdulmutallab's visa remained valid when he boarded a flight. it remained valid, despite the fact that the state department had already decidedt( to questin h
was adopted and brought to the united states. along the way, she learned she has limits and couldn't cross the monkey bars and learned that lesson when she fell and broke her right arm. since that day, nothing else slowed her down. >> she's t just another face in the crowd, a title given to her by "sports illustrated." she's a driven 16-year-old who loves swimming and who boasts an impressive resume. monkey bars aside, anna can do it all. >> and climb the rock wall and the mountain. i can't believe he did that, i can. it's like is it see normal to me? anna was born missing her left arm below the elbow. it's -- it's the only way she's ever known and although she's physically challenged, it's not stopped her from reaching for the cold. -- gold. >> reporter: anna has five gold medals that she won in the pan- american games in october. competing against other arm amputees. >> it's amazing and i was happy when they did it. when you put them around my neck. was like it's cool. >> and now she's training to reach her goal, the spot on the u.s. paraolympic team in 2012 in london. the dally routine
hope. haitian adoptees find their way to loving parents and new homes in the united states. stories of survival. an american pulled from the rubble days after the quake. how did he survive? plus musical superstars mary j. blige and andrea bocelli and a big announcement on what they're doing to help haiti's victims. it's all next on "larry king live." >>> thanks for joining us. it's been more than two weeks since the devastating earthquake in haiti. as some victims begin to slowly rebuild their lives from scratch, others are still not getting basics, food, water, a roof over their heads, medical assistance for the almost 200,000 injured. still hard to come by. joining us from port-au-prince, dr. sanjay gupta, cnn chief medical koern and a practicing neurosurgeon. what's the latest on the medical situation? in the early days you painted a desperate scene. what's it like now? >> i think in many ways it has gotten better. it's all relative, as you know, larry. a couple of things have improved. we have more personnel, surgeons, actually, on the ground, being able to take care of patients
"patriot's history of the united states." "new deal or raw deal." you want to see the future, look at the past. woodrow wilson, "the roots >> i'm kimberly guilfoyle. he going took the night off and this is a fox news alert. tonight, a powerful winter storm is barreling through the southeast. right now, portions of virginia, the carolinas and georgia are getting hammered with up to a foot of snow while tonight an iced over oklahoma, 13,000 homes are in the dark. marianne silbur joins us from the heart of the storm in chattanooga, tennessee. >> reporter: this storm moved across tennessee yesterday and into chattanooga where we were on our way up north, trying to get further north where the storm was going to hit today. it did quite a bit of damage, dropped a lot of snow, ice. ice packed and snow packed all over every roadway. before the storm got out here, it hit arkansas and oklahoma. also here in tennessee, the governor declared a state of emergency on friday when the storm was moving through in preparation, letting some state workers and also other workers go home early. they wer
united states." "new deal or raw deal." you want to see the future, look at the past. look at the past. woodrow wilson, "the roots of ( inspiring music playing ) someday, cars will be engineered using nanotechnology to convert plants into components. the first-ever hs hybrid. only from lexus. >> it was the most votes ever against a president's pick for federal reserve chairman, but ben bernanke was confirmed on thursday for a second term at the central bank amid a political revolt some republicans and some democrats. the vote was in question. when harry reid finally declared support not before extracting what he said were concessions about future fed policy. reid said in a statement last friday, quote, i made it clear to merit confirmation chairman bernanke must redouble his efforts to make sure that families can access the credit they need to buy or keep their homes. he assured me he will outline plans for making that happen and i eagerly await them. now, i called the fed, mary, and asked what's the quid pro quo, is there one? they said no, no plan forth coming, not going
, not necessarily republican, but conservative thinking. in the united states here, we have a gentleman in the state assembly that is under the democratic ticket but is also a conservative, many people also agree with him. i'd think it works better that way. thank you. host: looking at a piece from "the washington post, the race in maryland, what could happen? looking at what is happening there with more of an interest, the gop wanting to look good in maryland for governor. "a string of republican victories has raised the stakes considerably for one of the fewer -- fewest 2010 holdouts. they will try to regain the maryland governorship, going up for that this year. in most likely will not announce until march. one of the races to watch. we got an e-mail from paul. "the gop is toast and they do not know. they will lose the senate seat in massachusetts and more in the next cycle and the only votes they will get are from those who have not followed what is happening in that vote along party lines. -- a party lines." lexington, ky. what do you think? caller: we have had some version of one-party rule fr
that change coming to america was not happening quickly enough. >> the president of the united states. >> he is the first african- american with such fanfare on state of the union night. 15 million americans out of work on my record budget deficit -- out of work, a record budget deficit. >> we do not give up. do we do not quit. >> almost everything he said came back to the economy, from credit to small businesses, funded by loans to wall street's, to infrastructure and clean energy projects, to the promise of new jobs. >> people are out of work and hurting. that is what jobs will be the number one focus of 2010 and that is why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. but the president's signature initiatives, universal health care, is now on my support in congrs, lacking the votes to become more. -- is now on life support in congress, lacking the votes to become more. >> not now, not what we are so close. let's find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. >> foreign policy was almost a foot note, with renewed pledges to be out of iraq by the end of august, and to b
this hour. flights transporting haitians into the united states have been suspended because of logistical issues. the white house says there's no official policy to suspend the flights, but the situation arose because they were running out of room. charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida and other states help pay the costs of treating those patients. >>> new revelations about a man who could have been your president and who washington insiders say could have put the democratic party in political jeopardy. john edwards admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock, after lying to everyone about it. lurid details all released in a book called the politician, written by edwards long time confidant andrew young. >>> toyota owners can expect to hear from the company in the near future. toyota spokesman tells cnn it's met with federal safety officials and is finalizing a plan to replace gas pedals that could stick. those are your headlines this hour. keeping you informed. cnn the most trusted name in news. national car rental knows i'm always in a rush. they let me charge
information we'll bring it to you. >>> flights transporting haitians into the united states have been stalled because of logistical issues. there's been no policy to suspend the flights but the situation arose because they were running out of room. charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida pay the costs of treating those patients. >> they're not stopping coming into florida. i wrote a letter to secretary sibelius explaining assistance would be helpful to us. it will make a difference, because of florida's proximity we bore the brunt of it. we are happenty to continue. >> there have been 435 medivac flights from haiti to florida so far. >>> millions of dollars have poured into haiti, but the situation there is still desperate. barbara star reports. >> reporter: desperate haitians still struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earth wake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief organizations and 20,000 american troops are here. it's still not enough for the more than 1 million displaced. listen to the top u.s. commander. >> we're still not up to me
earthquake victims to the united states. kerry sanders will have more on that in a moment, but our coverage from port-au-prince begins with nbc's michelle kosinski and those americans accused of child trafficking. michelle, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. there's this wall of confusion. the i shall on both sides being what exactly is going on here. the haitian government believes this church group was involved in an illicit adoption scheme. the group says it was simply moving some orphans to a better home. but how much they knew about these children and how much they should have known are serious questions tonight. 33 children, age 2 months to 12 years, were taken off a bus that had been stopped trying to cross the xwroerd inborder into the d republic. the kids had been in the care of ten americans, an idaho baptist church group now held in jail for a second day by haitian authorities and accused of attempted child trafficking. the government here says the americans had no official documents for these children. >> without passport, without paper. >> reporter: the group told
transporting critically injured haitians into the united states have been temporarily suspended because of logistical issues. the white house says there is no official policy to suspend the flights, but the situation arose because they were running out of room. florida governor charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida and other states to help pay the cost of treating those patients. >> they're not stopping coming into florida. i wrote a letter to secretary sebelius that federal assistance would be helpful to us and if we could share that with some of our sister states, it would make a big difference. because of florida's proximity to haiti, we've born the brunt of it. we're happy to continue. >> according to the white house, there have been 435 medevac flights from haty to the united states so far. >>> millions of dollars have poured into haiti, but the situation there is still desperate. barbara starr reports. >> reporter: desperate haitians still struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earthquake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief
. the president of the united states on television it was like question time in the british parliament. one thing he said was quite interesting. how he and the republicans disagree on several big issues when it comes to sweeping legislation. the president suggested maybe there is another one. . >> my hope would be that we can look at some of these component parts of what we're doing and maybe we break some of them up on different policy issues. >> was that a signal on health care? would the president like speaker pelosi to pass the senate bill but get the president the big bill or does the president think, let's test the republicans. if they say they'll work with us, let's break up health care on several different proposals. >> look, john y don't think we know yet the answer on this process of this. but we do know this, the american people want to see that process take place. i think what you saw yesterday or friday the give and take in the open where people can evacuate the questions and the answers that each side is giving. look, i think, you know, the president talked about the recovery act. t
in an operation off the coast of greece with the fbi and cia working together, flown back to the united states and put on trial. this notion of captures terrorists and putting them on trial has been long-standing policy that started ronald reagan and continued by george herbert walker bush and by bill clinton and george w. bush. >> is this partisan. >> yes, it's absolutely partisan. i was a he registered republican. now i'm a registered independent in florida, but i tell you this. this is not only unfair, it's untrue and what the republicans are doing is indespicable. to try to play this terrorism card against barack obama on this case is unfair, it's not right. now, what bothers me is the democrats have been no inept in fighting back on this. they have to go back and look at the facts. i'll give you a quick quote from jerry bremer, who is the president's first coordinator for counterterrorism set up in 1986. this is what he said in a speech in november of 1987 to the council of foreign relations in tam tampa, florida. he said terrorists are criminals, they commit criminal actions like murder,
, illinois. i don't want them in there either. >> you don't want them in the united states at all. i think they belong in the guantanamo, where the combatants, the military combatants against the united states of america do not in my opinion should not have a civilian trial. it should be the military tribunal where it should go and take them off the soil of the united states of america. >> now, let's be honest, money talks and certainly talks in politics, that's what drives politics all the time. how these guys get reelected on a regular basis. 200 million dollars for newburgh, new york, which as the mayor points out, a poor area. what can you do with 200 million in that city. >> 200 million is for security issues only, it's not for programming, it's not for-- he said a tourist attraction. we have great tourist attractions in orange county. woodbury common, west point. i don't want to be known as the capital of terrorists. in this nation or in the world, in newburgh, new york. it won't stop. >> have you talked to mayor about it. >> i have talked to mayor, yesterday and friday. >> what did
theater. to see the president of the united states, democrats standing up in front of all of the republicans taking questions, and taking it and giving it back, but a lot of people say the gop messed up by allowing cameras in there, because he made them look bad. >> i was in the back of the room and i felt like i had been transported to the parliament, question time when you go in and take it from the opposition. i called the session, give and give. there was no take. here was the interesting part, there were a number of house republicans saying the invitation was fine to let the president up there, he is a figure against the house republicans, and so the optics were not that great. some of them were nervous about it, but they came away that the president did several times saying i know you have a lot of ideas, i don't like your ideas, and maybe i will take a little of that idea, and the white house are saying they were the party of no ideas. they got the president of the united states to concede, while they may not like them, he p put -- they put a number of ideas out the
in the united states we leave immediately. >> reporter: once the owner of a disaster recovery company, he has experienced clearing roadways and removing debris. now with his nonprofit first response team of america he spends his life going from one disaster to the next. he became a cnn hero in 2008. >> the most critical phase of disaster is the first few days when you have to find the people that are in desperate need of medical attention, food, water. but if you pull up and there is a building lying in the middle of the road or if 20 miles is under water, how do you get resources to those people? >> reporter: he uses cranes, earth-moving equipment and responds to disasters. what he once did for a living he now does for free. haiti is his first international disaster mission. he is working in stitcity soleie poorest neighborhood in port-au-prince. >> this is unlike anything i have seen. >> reporter: with the help of relief organizations, he loaded up this barge in florida with heavy equipment and supplies he will need to help clear streets and buildings in haiti. his first job is to clear thi
the u.s. military resumes air lift to the united states. >> it's very difficult to discharge these people on the street with no food, no house. and it's challenging. >> many pharmacies in porta prince were destroyed in the quake. residents now turning to a black market for badly needed medical supplies, which is why these maryland doctors and nurses are bringing 8,000 pounds of equipment, medications and supplies to the capital city. once they're on the ground, they'll work round the clock shifts performing up to 200 surgeries a week, laying the groundwork for a long-term emergency medical response. >> it's something that this hospital is going to be doing for a while with the people in haiti for six months to get them started so they can take care of their patients on their own. >> by bringing what maryland does best, which is compassion and healing, to other people in this world. >> and the shock trauma team will be replace bade new team prom baltimore in a few weeks. >> it's 18 degrees. some maryland home owners are getting a break on their mortgages. >> plus, joining us i
" and larry schweitart, author of "patriot's history of the united states." where do i begin? who wants to give me, you know, r.j., let me start with you. your book really opened my eyes on woodrow wilson. give me definition of what progressivism is. >> it's moving beyond the constitution, getting beyond the bedrock principle osthe american founding. the progressives detested the political ideas behind the declaration of independence, because they enshrined the idea of individual god-given rights as the end of government. they detested the constitution because the constitution put limits on the national government which were designed to uphold those rights. as you said in the introduction, the progressive dream was one of unlimited national government, redistribution of wealth was part of that plan. progressives knew political founders stood in their way. so it's to move beyond the constitution. do you agree with that here? >> it is. i think it's even more in that there is an assumption about human nature that's built into progressivism. >> glenn: okay. let's get into that in a second.
to run an open letter in major newspapers tomorrow and monday in the top markets in the united states. the ad is the first time toyota is addressing the public on the safety concerns. kimberly? >> all right, laura ingle, thank you. craig rivera hit the test track with consumer reports to show first hand the design flaws causing these crashes. >> toyota's problems with sticking accelerator caused them to recall as many as 9 million vehicles worldwide. that is almost as many as all the cars sold in the united states in 2009. david champion is director of automotive testing for consumer reports. is this an unprecedented problem? >> this is a huge recall that toyota has put out, one of the biggest we have seen in the united states. the obvious danger is not being able to stop your car at it goes down the highway at a high rate of speed. that is what happened to an off duty california highway patrol officers and h his family in a runaway lexus last summer. >> we are going 120. we are in trouble. we have no brakes. we are approaching an intersection. oh oakland. >> hello? >> all four occupa
in haiti are finding new ways to get critical patients to the united states for care. 3 haitian children were airlifted by private jet today to the children's hospital in philadelphia. on wednesday, the u.s. military halted medevac flights after a dispute over where they would go and who would pay for it. >> and we would like to present this to you. 10,000 dollars. >> this seen it at a church in northwest baltimore. -- this scene at a church. the church pastor says is an effort to show the people of haiti that the church is committed to their recovery. if you drive a toyota, you will want to stay with us tonight. there is a pr push ahead of a major announcement. >> we are looking to the west to see what happens as far as the next storm. at the moment, clear skies. temperature is beginning to drop off. many adults don't meet the recommended daily intake for all vitamins and minerals through diet alone. that's why there's... it helps provide key nutrients your body could be missing. one serving of boost contains twenty-six essential vitamins and minerals plus 10 grams of protein. these nut
offices in asia. xdit is interesting that there s not a run in the united states. you could take the boards representation and say that it did not spark a run in the united states. the clearing house, having lost out of the public record instead of the record on appeal, comes up with one other example, in northern iraq. -- northern rock. and then there is a news leak. >> you are saying that these examples show that the claim of prejudice, based on the possible run of a bank is speculative. >> indeed. >> i am looking at exemption 8 and it is discussing the exemption of banks. you can deduce that congress recognizes that the soundness of the banking system should be brought to bear on the disclosure obligation. this kind of concern is not speculative. >> i have a couple of responses to that. the easiest is that theym board did not invoke section 8. the record makes clear that these are not -- >> i am not saying that they are. the danger of a run on a bank i. but exemption 8 says that congress recognized that this wasxd its cousin and could be damaging to the banking system. >> i a
to fundamentally transform the united states of america. and i think he understands he's not. that wasn't his mandate. it's not his authority. luckily, it turned out to be beyond disability. the question is does he learns lesson from the first year? does he learns lesson about the failure to close guantanamo, failure of the healthcare plan, letting justice department being in charge of terrorists, attempt to engage iran? all the things he tried and failed. does he learn a lesson and change policy -- >> chris: from what you saw in the "state of the union" and what you saw there, has he learned the message or not? >> mixed. mixed. he understands things went wrong. that's good. that's the beginning. he's not in denial of reality, but the question is does he take the consequences of what happens or does he pull back and be more kraushs trying kraushs -- cautious trying to do more things. look how quickly they dropped the trial of new york city for sha khalid sheikh mohammed. he could have a more cenist second year than a lot of my conservative friends think who are convinced he's an ideologue and
. and in the historic moment when president ronald reagan selected her to join the supreme court of the united states, the first woman to do so. justice o'connor, while remaining always faithful brought with her the experience and pragmatism of her days on the ranch. her display a keen understanding of the separation of powers and the important role in our nation played by the states, the workshop of democracy. upon the retirement, justice o'connor turned back -- she has become an outspoken advocate with a particular concern about the corrosive effects of money on state and judicial races. she has spoken out in favor of a game changing subjects and merit based selections in which a roster is submitted to the governor and that makes his or her pick. and after a term, the judge is presented to an election. it is a system that has conducted transparently and is able to assure high quality judges and assure some element of accountability she helped shepherd to the state legislature and serve the state of arizona well. at a time when the decision has cast a harsh light on the role of all kinds of politica
batteries instead of being made in asia will be made in the united states by u.s. workers. for us that's a huge opportunity. not just to put people back to work but to transform our economy as well. >> schieffer: let me just shift slightly here and go back to something that all of you have mentioned. that was this election of scott brown. what do you think that means for republicans, senator barbour? after all, this is not mississippi-style republican that got elected. he's fairly liberal on some issues. >> he's very much a moderate republican. i thrill it's a reminder to republicans that we don't need purity. we need to elect the best people we can elect. scott brown is the best senator for massachusetts. but you're right. he certainly is not as conservative as i am. that's healthy and good. what does it mean? i hope what it means is since the democrats can't get 60 votes on a partisan basis in the senate, they will quit trying to ram stuff down the country's throat on a 60-vote partisan vote. i hope that's what it means. if it does it will really not only have been a volcano in terms
. ok. united states vs. rojas, counsel present? good afternoon. united states vs. acosta andmillow? everybody is here. chobaz vs. holder. singleton vs. holder? last cas is melience vs. immigration court of appeals. at this time, we will hear bloomberg vs. board of governors and fox news vs. board of governors. we will hear those cases in tandem. >> thank you, your honor. may it please the court, i am from the department of justice on behalf of the board of governors. there with me with the board of governors, and they mentioned that she will be focusing primarily on the arm to the board, and issues that are specific to the fox litigation. the board releases a substantial amount of information about the discount window and the other emergency credit facilities at issue here, including aggregate lending data, eligibility requirements, and collateral requirements. what it has not released under explicit promises of confidentiality since the beginning of the discount window program many years ago are specific loan information regarding short-term liquidity loans and the identity of the
people in massachusetts areweosd opposed to trials being held in the united states. the terrorist trials held inso the court.ia the detroit bombing onthatlus te christmas day which theombi administration totallychristmas mishandled and has continued to mishandle, i think theo democrats and the congress are genuinely getting nervous.i th i said from day one, this is w the most irresponsibleonbl decision any president made to e hold these trials in new yorkewy city. democrats were lined up behind the president almost 100%. it is only in the last week to two weeks they really decidedref to feel the heat and theyd started to read the political tea leaves. whatever the reason, i'm glads it is coming out of new york.w i don't think it should be in any civilian court anywhere in the un. >> that's the question i want to ask. the white house spokesman has let it be known that they want this to be a civilian terror trial. maybe not in manhattan withito the mayor opposed to it and civa some of the democraticar senators, but maybe somewhere else. you are saying no way you want -- you don't want them
magazine, he could imagine being president of the united states. he adds he was not joking. >> gregg: you know, he helped save the world when they were flying those fighter jets, right? along with nuclear missiles. >> julie: we'll have to wait and see. >> gregg: social networking sites getting a lot of folks in trouble in the workplace. coming up, a quick visit to facebook can get you fired. a p. and you have a heart attack. that's what happened to me. i'm on an aspirin regimen now. my doctor told me it's the easiest preventative thing you can do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. see your doctor. simple. before you begin an aspirin regimen. get wrapped up in the luscious taste of butternut squash, blended with delicate herbs. v8 golden butternut squash. from campbell's. a soup so velvety and delicious you won't be able to contain yourself. campbell's v8 soups. >> gregg: even a snowstorm could not stop visitors from the national zoo to say bye-bye to a popular panda. leaving to china where he'll part of a breeding program. visitors came
to continue. >> hospitals across the southeastern united states are in tremendous fiscal crisis. and a lot of our states are as well. and this burden, although the heart is in the right place, was overwhelming. >> yesterday florida officials said the state is still committed to assisting haitian earthquake victims and asked to stop the airlift because of dispute over costs. >>> the good news, a major winter storm is winding down a bit. but it has left an area from north texas to washington, d.c., buried under sleet, ice and snow. it also shut down interstates and snapped power lines for thousands of people in the southeast. in north carolina, governor beverly perdue declared a state of emergency. and some areas in the mountains got more than a foot of snow yesterday alone. and the state opened more than a dozen emergency shelters. >>> now, the storm caused at least one death in tennessee. a mother of four was killed when an ice-covered tree fell through the roof of her mobile home. meanwhile, tennessee officials say they have used more than 2,000 tons of salt on major roads around the stat
the president of the united states. a man washington insiders say could have taken down the democratic party. >> well, last week john edwards, former democratic pishl contender, admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock after lying to everyone about it. the details are in the book called "the politician." written by andrew young. young spoke to abc news of how edwards and his mistress hatched the plan for young to claim he was the baby's father. >> there was not a lot of time to sit back and contemplate, hey, is this logical? was it logical? no. was it stupid in yes. did we do the right thing morally? no. absolutely not. >> andrew young there, also, writes that he has a videotape that shows john edwards having sex with the woman that he says appears to be tree yel rielle hunter. >> there was one tape that was marked special and we are just agast. it is a sex tape of rielle and john edwards made just a couple months before the iowa caucuses. >> are you absolutely sure that this is john edwards and rielle hunter? >> it is definitely him. it is a visibly pregnant woman. >> well, john edwards
of the united states, worried about our drawdown in iraq, worried about the lack of cooperation with them on defensive military matters, looking at the threat of iran, so, i'm sure from the perspective of the gulf arab states, this is very important whether or not israel takes military action. >> eric: the navy is putting the missile cruiser in the persian gulf but that can apparently target medium-range missiles, not long range missiles like the shahab-three and how are they protecting them and are they protected from a possible retaliatory strike from iran. >> there is certainly no way to protect them completely but it is a signal to iran that if they go after the gulf arab states they risk going after the u.s. and, therefore, risking an american retaliation and there is a second layer here that i think is a little more concerning and that is, that the deployment of additional resources could reflect the view of the obama administration, that iran is now dead certain to become a nuclear weapon state. and they are implementing not the original bush administration defensive plans for the
in united states congress and this opportunity to do some other things in my life. >> çyou want in 1980, a great year for republicans. -- you won in 1980. the climate was clearly different. i am looking to get your opinion on what it is so tough for democrats. guest: your like a political meteorologist. ççóyou will be asking if the republicans will survive for a year ago. 12 months from now, who knows? it is hard to predict the political climate six months, letejjátççççs3mçi] can om now. ?;çoç[koy3o believe that things are born to be tough this fall, or tough in november like they are in january. host: a dead panel formed by eight -- can a debt panel formed by executive order and work? guest: if we had a panel or commission that was a legislative -- and we fell short of getting 60 votes. but it fell short. the president will do it administratively. supported. ç>>ç t(çtheçó president haves on friday in terms of small business taxes and other things to incentivize business is it to carter. the thing that is where we are headed? -- to incentivitze business to hi
, i think i would have won again. for me, the question is 30 years in the united states congress and a chance to do some other things in my life. >> that is an interesting point. you won in 1980. the climate this year was different, and i am looking to get your opinion on why it is so tough right now. if this was -- >> if this was a year ago, we would be asking, do you think the republican party is going to survive? 12 months later, it is different. 10 months or 12 months from now, who knows? it is really tough to predict the political climate six months, let alone 10.12 months from now. i would not be so quick to say things they're going to be tough next fall, that there will be in november like they were in january. >> will a debt panel work effectively for budget issues? >> it would have been better if we had a panel commission that was legislative, but we fell short. you have to get 60 votes, but it fell short. with the president did is not as effective, but i support it and hope it bears fruit. >> do you think the president has a proposal in terms of small business taxes to
the direction of progressives wanted. >> glenn: okay. so when you hear the president of the united states talk about progressivism and he says i want to fund men tayly trans -- fundamentally transform america, i'll ask each of you -- larry, i'll start with you. what does that say to you? what does it mean to you? what is the visceral or intellectual reaction? >> my skin crawls because it means the constitution isn't good enough. what we have protecting the country today is not my vision of the country and i have to get away from whatever we have today. it's dangerous and just really radical. it's the most radical thing any president has ever said. >> it's the same thing. it means that we're not going to have rule of law. we'll have rule by men. and educated elite of men, power will be transferred to these people. and we will be governed by a small -- >> this is the czar, this is the -- this company gets a bail-out but this company doesn't. >> correct. >> glenn: right? >> exactly. >> glenn: and r.j. what does it mean to you? liberals realize the word "liberal" is dirty word in politics and has
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